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Mặc định Hỗ trợ mem mới BDA

Với mục đích hỗ trợ mem mới chơi BDA tránh khoảng cách lớn với những mem cũ - Ngoài những hướng dẫn có sẵn cùng với sự hướng dẫn nhiệt tình của anh em trong game ;
Bắt đầu từ tháng 5/2013 chúng tôi sẽ hỗ trợ mem mới chơi 1 lần nếu đạt điều kiện như sau:

Điều kiện bắt buộc :
1. Nick đó phải là nick của người mới chơi (có thể xét trường hợp khác nếu thấy thích hợp)
2. Nick lập bắt đầu từ 01/5/2013 (trước ngày đó không được tính)
3. Quan trọng nè : Kể từ ngày lập nick cho đến đúng 1 tuần sau đó nick đó phải đạt điểm thành tích 200 . Nếu hơn 7 ngày mà không đạt nổi 200 điểm thì không nhận được hỗ trợ này đâu nhé !!!

Đăng ký như sau : Đến ngày (đạt điểm thành tích 200 , bằng hoặc trước thời gian bắt buộc) thì đăng ký lên đây theo mẫu bên dưới
1. Tên HLV:
2. Đường link thông tin đội bóng:
3. Mã số đội bóng:

Phần thưởng hỗ trợ: Cái này không nói trước vì vật giá trong BDA biến động , chúng tôi sẽ hộ trợ 1 phần thưởng không nhỏ với 1 đội bóng mới : 3.000.000 GP + 5 vé máy bay

Có vấn đề gì ko hiểu về điều kiện, hãy tìm: Bau DUC để hỏi . Mình sẽ là người xét duyệt khi các bạn đăng ký ở đây.

Chúc tất cả các HLV mới vui vẻ và nhanh chóng huấn luyện cho mình 1 đội bóng mạnh .

Lần sửa cuối bởi Pep Guardiola; 29-06-13 lúc 00:45
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Mặc định

1. Tên HLV: scagfaga
2. Đường link thông tin đội bóng:
3. Mã số đội bóng: 8633
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Tham gia ngày: May 2013
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Mặc định

1. Tên HLV: troioisaoroi
2. Đường link thông tin đội bóng:
3. Mã số đội bóng: 8117
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Mặc định

1. Tên HLV: SumiTran
2. Đường link thông tin đội bóng:
3. Mã số đội bóng: 8360
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Thành Tâm
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Gửi tin nhắn qua ICQ tới Thành Tâm Gửi tin nhắn qua Yahoo! tới Thành Tâm
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HLV: thanhtam1
ĐB :
em thành lập tháng 6 nha
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Ordinary into something remarkable,Gifts no fan of sports should go without

Few things make holiday shoppers happier than giving a gift that instantly lights up a loved one's eyes. All the work that goes into finding and securing the perfect gift becomes worth it and more when the recipient's smile stretches from ear to ear.

A great holiday gift frequently involves someone's favorite hobby. When gifting a family sports fan, the probabilities are endless. Sports fans tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, And they're liable to be just as vocal with appreciation if any of these gifts are waiting under the tree for them this year.

Magazine request: Many sports fans feel they can never get enough information on their best teams and sports. A magazine subscription to Sports Illustrated or another periodical focusing on a particular sport can provide insider access for a year or longer. Magazine subscribers are typically inexpensive, But locations, the problem lots of bang for your gifting buck, Especially weekly text books. besides, Many magazines now give print leads access to exclusive content online, Playing to the chosen sports fan's evergrowing desire for more knowledge.

Sports garment: in IBISWorld, A Californiabased researching the market firm, Online sporting apparel sales were likely to approach $5 billion in 2012. Driving those sales are sports fans who can't wait to don the gear of their best teams. Apparel takes its great holiday gift, or even an authentic player jersey, A team logo hoodie or a customized Tshirt that nike air max directly connects fans to their teams.

keepsakes: sports memorabilia can be costly, But shoppers can still find great deals on furniture from autographed items to relics of a franchise's fledgling days. when looking for memorabilia, Be wary of online auctions, where ever "Shill organizations can be" Can drive up variances coveted items. Shill bidding occurs when owners bid on their own items at auction in an attempt to drive up the sale price. And authentication can be an issue with regard to autographs. The Federal Bureau of investigating procedure has been cracking down on fraudulent memorabilia. Shoppers without knowledge of the memorabilia industry might want to focus on lower priced items that will be a hit under the tree but won't be a hit to their bank accounts.

quests: Many sports fans indulge in their love of a favorite sport by online video video games. Like most method, Video games are typically reinvented, So last year's game might be outdated, Making quests an ideal holiday gift. Those who want to go the extra mile can include a new gaming console along with the latest video game.

prices: evidently, Sports fans might like only tickets to see their favorite teams play. Buying straight from a sports team is a safe bet, But it can also be expensive. When gifting flight tickets, Do so far jordan shoes for sale enough in advance of the game so fans have time to plan their trip and, If need be, Take a day off from work,Gifts that had been made in Michigan

One way to boost Michigan's economy is to become holiday gifts from Michiganbased companies.

From art to Kid Rock's shot glasses, what you may put under the Christmas tree could be tied to Michigan, you're able to the tree itself.

"We've shipped various merchandise around the country, As well as worldwide, Heinrich wrote in an email. "A lot of our stuff goes to Michigan military the sexes serving overseas, specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their close friends members love sending them bona fide Michigan stuff from home,

Among merchandise: an ice cube tray that makes mittshaped cubes and sells for $8.49 for a package deal of two. The trays also may be used to mold ice, chocolate candy or even authentic nfl jerseys wholesale gelatin for JellO shots, If you are so inclined.

Here are 10 other Great Lakes State gifts:

neighborhood: The the state of michigan Maple Block Co. Takes madeinMichigan to an alternative level. vehicle, headquartered in Petoskey since 1881, Uses wood from flowers grown on 3,000 acres in the top of Peninsula to make gourmet cutting boards. The maple 18by12inch boards are 1 3/4 size thick and cost $32.35 at butcher and Packer Supply Co, 1780 orite. Fourteen Mile block, Madison heights.

computer chip, snack hooray: The Better Made 80th Anniversary Commemorative Tin is packed with 1 pound of original poker chips for $14.95. The chips won't go very far, But the tin is a collector's item.

needing speed: If you have a seriously big budget and have to buy for the person who has (the majority of) just about every thing, Then you can't go wrong with a speedboat made in Cadillac from Four Winns. A 171/2foot boat with an engine and trailer costs $18,296 at Skipper Bud's harbour, 14016 Fenton correct road, Fenton.

Glassyeyed: Michigan natives April Wagner and Jason Ruff use techniques produced by Italian glassblowers to create unique tabletop sculptures, yacht wall pieces, white or red wines decanters, Paperweights and mild at Epiphany Glass, 770 Orchard square in Pontiac. Prices vary from $34 to $5,000. The studio gallery is open to the public only every six months. Today and saturday.

Oldtime warmth: The Red Flannel Factory nike shox clearance makes oldfashioned dropdown red long johns in Cedar spgs. children's dropseaters are $35.95. business also offers granny gowns, nike factory store shoes and shirts.

Detroit ego: Detroit could be described as a shotandbeer kind of town. An wholesale nike shoes orangeandblack shot glass costs $5 from Kid Rock's workplace, stated in Detroit.

seize m22: Many tourist t-shirts are cheesy, But a black M22 Tshirt carries a different vibe. They're laidback and fun in large part because of how the company was formed and what it represents. M22 is a highway that roughly follows the coast of Lake Michigan from north of Manistee to Traverse City. some three years ago, Brothers Matt and Keegan Myers made some Tshirts all of the M22 logo in homage to the road that took them to the wind and waves where they went kiteboarding. ever since then, The Tshirts have converted into a pop culture phenomenon in northern Michigan. The company got going in the back of a kiteboarding school van, though it ha
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Mặc định tdr75681

O know in understanding legal contracts. It is essential to know some of the basic things that constitute a contract to be able to understand if it is a binding contract or not. Knowing different facts about contracts will also help you in writing your own contracts and agreements with other people,How to be told Patent Disclosure Laws

Patent refers to the exclusive rights or legal protection granted by the government through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) To particular person or his assignees to protect their original design, course of action, Product or new inventions, From utilised, Made authentic nfl jerseys wholesale or sold by other people for a designated length of time in return for the inventor's full public disclosure of the invention. If you have recently invented or conceived something, It is imperative to take legal action and understand applicable laws relating to patent information.

Under in america patent law, A patent can only be granted if introduced meets three criteria. Your creation must be useful, Novel meaning who else did it before, And nonobvious to an individual who has the skills to which your invention is related. If your invention passed the factors, The first step in protecting your invention is in order to and submit an invention disclosure form to the Patent Trademark Office. The disclosure form contains the title nike shox clearance of the invention, Your name and data, Description of the invention, Date of apprehension, intent behind your invention, illustrating, Photos or style of your invention with a description of parts, Features and how the invention is to be used, And product evaluating results. USPTO preserves the document for two years as proof the date of the invention's conception. Public disclosure still, Can be consist of posters, instruction books, pamphlets, Manuscripts, Abstracts, periodicals, Web articles,lists, visualization at conferences, Product testing or samples sent out to colleagues for research purposes. make certain within one year of public disclosure, You have filed a patent application with the USPTO otherwise you will lose patenting rights.

While your patent tool is still pending, Remember that you still have to keep certain privacy on your invention in order to prevent others from claiming your work. It is important to manage the information you share with other people. Take note that someone else who filed for patent on the same invention ahead of the application date is more likely to be granted the patent. Refer to USPTO's procedures for cases where violation occurs.

While you can have a patent without legal assistance, Consider hiring a patent lawyer's service which will make sure your patent filing, Patent quest, Patent registration mark and all other patent pertinent issues. It may be expensive but a patent specialist guarantees that your patent is capable of being enforced by law.

All patent advice and rules for patents are governed by USPTO, Which strengthens examining your application and granting you the patent. If your invention is qualified to apply for a patent, USPTO will send you a notice and will indicate the amount or fee you need to pay for being issued a patent. Patent and brand Office. Failure to pay the fee within three months however will be deemed as abandoned,How To Use a phony Money Detector Pen

Counterfeits are products that are manufactured to imitate the original product and sell it in the market. It is commonly utilised in products such as tshirt, sacks, jordan shoes for sale jewelry piecies and even currency.

Counterfeit money is a currency that looks quite like genuine money, nike factory store But is not produced by the state or the us government. It is a form of fraud that people use to purchase items that they want without having to pay real money.

Counterfeiting money can deliver a great impact to the country's economy. simply because it reduces the value of the real money. Currency is actually a manifestation of gold owned by a nation, And held in pre-book. The amount of bills that circulate must be equal to the actual amount held by the us government. if not, The actual value of the nation's currency will dip. bear in mind, It will take plenty of counterfeit currency to flood the country before this happens. nonetheless, It might only take one transaction with fake money to cause trouble to the person or a business. To recoup the losses incurred with the bad business, Individuals and businesses may want to raise their rates.

Money experts can easily determine which bill is real and which is not. Since counterfeit money is constantly improving to make it look more like real cash, It is getting more and more difficult for them to detect it.

as a result, Different devices have been made to counteract these kinds fraud. some examples would be a counterfeit detector machine, Coin sensor, over unity magnetic ink, Black light and replica money detector pen.

The most commonly used and user friendly counterfeit machine is the counterfeit money detector pen. it's not only very handy, But also it is also very economical. This means that every individual can have a counterfeit money detector without spending too much money.

replica money detector pens contain an iodine solution. When this iodine solution nike air max 2012 touches the actual top of counterfeit money, A black stain looks. If big money is real, The fibers will not react with the iodine solution and the counterfeit pen will have no effect.

It is very simple to use wholesale nike shoes a counterfeit detector pen that will let you see if the money you're handling is real or fake. Here are the stages on how to use a counterfeit money detector pen:

Mark a dot or a line anywhere in the bill which you want to check.

Wait about 10 seconds for the detector to pay attention to any reaction.

If it turns white, It world of retail the money is genuine. If it moves black, Then the money is replica.

The yellow coloring on the genuine bill of currency will disappear after a couple of seconds.

The counterfeit money detector pen has proven to be effective. due to this, The demand of counter
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Lò Arsenal JMG
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HLV: Lò Arsenal JMG
MS: 8949
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Lò Arsenal JMG
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Tham gia ngày: Jul 2013
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Mặc định Nhan ho tro mem

HLV: Lò Arsenal JMG
MS: 8949
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Mặc định jdo00943

re June 15, louis vuitton outlet online $25 afterward.

The annual Guns and Hoses competition between teams from the police and fire sections will return, But clothing a softball game this year.

"The Guns and Hoses rivalry used to be a softball game, But the divisions decided to send people to run during the 5K, So are going to running in the race for bragging rights, Hudson celebrity fad. "A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Reynoldsburg DARE program,

Hudson said everyone who registers for the race gets a Tshirt; Plaques will be given to the top three runners overall and top three in each cheap authentic nfl jerseys category. At East Main community and Rosehill Road.

"We are also once again having the kids' decorated bike contest that is part of the parade, Hudson had said. At CS Bank for judging of their total bikes and then lead off the parade.

"The parade route goes east on Main streets, general trends south onto Haft and ends in Huber Park, She discussed. "this is actually the only parade in town, So we get scout groups and teams, Along with local organizations, All engaged on floats,

She said the Reynoldsburg Community affiliation sponsors the parade.

RCA President Chuck Cochran said this year's grand marshal has got to be group: The Reynoldsburg elephants Club.

"They are a wonderful community group and have been the parade marshals each year to help the floats get off, he explained. "They are longtime partners and always appear to be there for our citizens, So this was our way to relinquish a little,

Hudson said holding events every could help participants and spectators.

"Changing the time to the morning means we may get more people early every day for the race and the parade, only when it's cool outside, She talked about.

She said signs will be up in the city that morning announcing lane closures for the 5K race and the parade.

"The parade basically closes East Main Street between Rosehill Road and Lancaster Avenue for approximately 45 minutes, She mentioned,5K race repays tribute to former coach with Lou Gehrig's disea


During his years playing rugby, Former football coach Jeremy Williams was called the "georgia Assassin,

This july, An annual community event will unite his supporters to help him assassinate separate traditions entirely his battle against Lou Gehrig disease.

the entire 3rd Annual ALS, or perhaps "Assassinate Lou Gehrig one Step at a stretch, Run for Jeremy 5K arises Saturday, march 6, 2012 at Harris County graduation in Hamilton, GA.

The ALS Run for Jeremy 5K pays tribute to the former Greenville graduating football coach, Who was clinically determined to have ALS in 2008. Amyotrophic a wide Sclerosis (ALS), sometimes known as Lou Gehrig disease, Can strike anyone and is widely fatal. It slowly takes away the cabability to move, relate, swallow, And consequently breathe.

proceeds from the event benefit the Emory ALS Center in Atlanta, GA, Where Jeremy receives his care and where study workers are actively engaged in discovering the causes and mysteries of ALS.

Awards will be presented to Overall Male/Female and Overall Masters Male/Female. Age group awards will be provided to the top 3 in age group categories. coordinators expect another large crowd for this year race.

Each poker player will receive a tshirt and great post race food, pleasure, And family and friends fun. Groups of 10 or more will receive a discounted entry fee per person,5k races popular for anyone deployed to Kuwait

The races are relatively the norm at Camp Arifjan by the end of the week, Stone was anticipated having run in two more 5ks and they are fairly popular with service members stationed at the camp.

A Halloween race this year attracted far more 2,000 sports people at a camp that holds about 9,000 troopers, Said Ken Schepers the Morale, Welfare and amusement Center. at all times, The races bring in about 1,300 athletes.

Why they run differs from soldier to soldier, But Stone declared that for many, The 5ks are something to nike air force 1 high pass the time and a way to earn a Tshirt could be part collectible, Part souvenir.

"among the best the shirt, She thought. "That's why a lot of us come out here,

On mon, Stone competed in the 3rd Army's Birthday Run, congratulating yourself on the 93rd birthday of the 1st TSC's parent unit. It was over her seventh 5k since June, She acknowledged. Stone settled in about 34 minutes, several minnutes slower than her average.

Later documented in week, She planned to run in the Marine Corps Birthday 5k and in a experienced Day 5k.

"it is Kuwait thing, She pronounced. "before the I came here. I didn't nike free run womens extremely well what a 5k was,

And the runs have helped her enter better shape, She announced.

"before long, you recently keep running through it, specific Loachapoka, Ala.Native said of being tired.

Schepers said about two 5ks are held on camp each month and participation had increased lately by a few hundred runners.

"it is every bit fun, he was quoted saying, When asked why turnout was really at high point. "But certainly, the end goal is they want the shirts,

Chief justify Officer 5 Ralph Rigby did not run in Monday's 5k, But he was on hand nike shoes outlet store in order to cut the 3rd Army birthday cake.

Rigby, A 3rd Army soldier who moved to Fayetteville in 1985 and has lived nike shox off and on in the city subsequently, Said he usually plays. He sat out of Monday's race because he overworked himself the previous week, When he ran the halloween 5k, A threemile run and took an actual training test all within three days.

"I run to stay in shape, he said. "And it is something to do while here,

But entertainment in Kuwait doesn't exactly equal entertainment back in the.

Rigby and Stone said we were looking at unlikely to compete in 5ks back home. you'll want a Facebook account and be logged in to Facebook to post your comment below. Your comment is subject to Facebook's Privacy Policy and terms of use on data usage. Your comment look on our site and on your Facebook page unless you uncheck the "Post to wikipedia" box. We expect users to take care of a civil discourse. If you believe a comment is improper, You may click the X in the upper right corner to send an abuse report to Facebook. learn how to more
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